Utility Rebate Programs

Right now there are rebates available that will allow homeowners with houses built before 2011 to make their homes more energy efficient.

Your first step is to call for a free home energy audit to find out the best ways to start saving energy and money.  It can be your primary residence, a vacation home or a rental property.   

Call Cape Light Compact at 1-800-797-6699 to schedule your audit.  At the time of the phone call inform CLC that you would like Cape Cod Insulation, Inc. to do your work and they will tag us as the installation contractor.  

The Department of Energy has been doing a lot of research and they have determined that air sealing along with the addition of more insulation is a very important step in decreasing our energy consumption.  

Rebates are currently available for 100% of the air sealing work done on your home with no maximum limit.  Insulation work is rebated at 75% up to a maximum amount of $4,000.00.  You must have your home audited to qualify for these rebates.  Call 1-800-797-6699 today as there has never been a better opportunity to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable.  

Visit www.capelightcompact.org for more information.