Batt Insulation

Insulation plays a significant role in the day to day comfort of your home. A proper thermal "blanket" helps to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. As a result you will lower your year round energy bills and help to conserve our Earth's natural resources.

Insulation does much more than conserve energy. When strategically placed, insulation absorbs sound and helps make your home a quieter place to live.

Cape Cod Installs fiberglass batt insulationYou can also expect a higher resale value on your home when it boasts the recommended optimum levels of insulation for your geographic region.

Cape Cod Insulation, Inc. uses fiberglass insulation.  Fiberglass insulation is inorganic, naturally noncombustible and will not deteriorate or loose its efficiency over time.

Fiberglass insulation also:

  • is resistant to water;
  • an excellent sound absorber;
  • proven in third party tests performed by NAHB Research Center for assuring thermal performance;
  • safe when installed properly

Insulation is measured in "R-values"; the capacity in which the insulation material resists heat flow. The higher the "R-value", the greater the insulation power. Insulation performance can be increased by adding "R-values" together. (for example R-19 can be added to R-11 resulting in and R-30).

High-Performance BattsCape Cod Insulation Inc. also carries higher performance fiberglass batts, such as 3.5 inch R-15, 5.5 inch R-21, 8.25 inch R-30, and 10 inch R-38.